Interview Success.

Some easy steps to getting it right on the day...
An interview offer means you are well on your way, but the toughest test is still to be faced. The key? Preparation, preparation, preparation!

Research Use the web, trade journals or the company's own literature to gather as much information as possible about the company.. Know where, when and who you are meeting and, if possible, how long they have been with the company plus where they came from.

First impressions These are crucial, so remember to smile, give a solid handshake, be confident, watch your body language and stay relaxed. And remember, it's better to look too smart than not smart enough.

It’s all about me! Employers want to know about you and what you have done. Use 'I' not 'we' to describe your working experiences. Many interview questions are similar, so think about what you are likely be asked and then have your answers ready.

Listen carefully Always think before you answer a question and never be frightened of silence. You have every right to consider how you're going to respond to a question before you actually do respond. Never give a yes or no answer.

Proof If you are using past projects to illustrate your skills and strengths, take along evidence, such as end products or visuals, finished documents or photos. Most people can talk a good game, so this is an opportunity to show what you really are capable of.

Think smart You've done the research, so use it! Clever questions based on solid research will show that you genuinely want the job. Remember, the interview should be a two-way conversation; it's your opportunity to find out about them, ask questions and be interested.

Parting shot End with a really positive statement about how much you'd love this job and why you'd be perfect for it - but make sure it's sincere!