Staying Motivated.

Some tips to maintaining motivation whilst looking for that new opportunity

Surround yourself with positive people - ideally, those who have been in a similar place to you right now and have succeeded.

Focus on what you want from your new job: Avoid spending time, energy and emotion focusing on what is wrong in your current situation. Instead focus on building a strong, vivid picture of the type of work and position you do want.

Don't get hung up on your age: Companies hire people depending on experience, potential and personality. Aim to demonstrate your positive attributes and you'll succeed - regardless of the date on your birth certificate!

Arrange your schedule: Devote time to job hunting and preparing for an interview. You are seeking an exciting and profitable new opportunity and it is those with get-up-and-go who will get it first.

Enthusiasm is your best attribute: It’s relatively easy for a company to fill any hard skills gaps with a training course, but enthusiasm cannot be 'given' to you. It comes from within. If you do not feel genuinely enthusiastic for a role, think again. If you do, display it - it will be one of the most attractive things about you during the selection and interview process.

Daily action towards your new career: Even if it is something small (e.g. making a phone call), completing a task every day will maintain momentum and ensures that you are one step closer to success.

Keep yourself well: Being out of work or changing jobs can be stressful, so ensure that you are in great condition to meet any challenges that face you. That means plenty of sleep, exercise, and healthy food - helping you not only feel great but giving you increased energy levels.

Be prepared: Be primed for an interview at a moment's notice. Create the psychological feeling that you are ready for this new job at any time. Ensure that your clothes and shoes are in tip-top condition and gain confidence from knowing that you are ready to go!